Welcome to #OER20, Day 1

If you have registered for OER20 you should have also received the following in your inbox…

A warm welcome to Day 1 of OER20 – ALT’s largest ever OER Conference. There is a fantastic schedule of webinars and pre-recorded sessions lined up and we are looking forward to two days of  exploring “The Care in Openness” together.

Key links:

We have over 900 participants registered and we are here to help you. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for via the help pages, please contact [email protected].

Guide to the day

We recommend that you start by getting comfortable and setting up your personal space for the day ahead, we welcome you to share your set up with our community using the hashtags #OER20 and #ThisIsMe. If you are yet to do so you may also like to check the important information for attendees.  At 10am (BST) [timezone conversion], join the opening welcome from the OER20 Co-Chairs by clicking on the “Join Webinar” button or using this direct link (if the session reaches capacity you can watch via YouTube).

keynote from sava saheli singh

At 3.45pm (BST) [timezone conversion] the day 1 programme ends with our keynote from sava saheli singh. sava and Mia will be in conversation about what care and openness in education might look like during our current extraordinary times, especially in relation to the ramping up of surveillance and criminalization, as well as the potential normalization of surveillance capitalism as more populations move online to access… everything. Join sava saheli singh and Mia Zamora by clicking on the “Join Webinar” button or using this direct link (if the session reaches capacity you can watch via YouTube).

We have a full programme of other sessions today, and you can find out what’s on and plan your schedule online using the online programme. All the sessions can be joined using the links within the online programme. Note: We’ve worked with our webhost to make sure the OER20 website remains online, but should you experience access problems we have a backup programme as a Google Sheet.

All of our webinars today are delivered using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – if you are new to this tool, please see our Blackboard Collaborate Guide.

Social programme

We also invite you to join our social space during our refreshment breaks, a virtual cafe where the coffee is as good as your imagination and there is always a free seat. Throughout the programme we’ve included suggested hashtags for those of you on Twitter including #OER20 #ThisIsMe to share pictures of where you’ll be joining OER20 from and #OER20 #BrownBag if you have anything to share over breakfast/lunch/dinner.

#OER20 #OER20who

We have launched a SPLOT-site inviting all participants at the OER20 Conference to introduce themselves to the rest of the community (and the world!). Please make sure you go to https://oer20.socialbingo.oerconf.org/ and follow the instructions under the “share” tab (Password: takecare). You can also click ‘random’ to meet a random OER20 attendee.  If you are on Twitter, once you have contributed please share a link to your post along these two hashtags: #OER20 #OER20who.

#OER20 #KaraOERoke Night

Finally, tonight at 8pm (BST) [timezone conversion] we invite attendees to relax and enjoy the OER20 karaoke night. For those of you who would like to show off your musical abilities check your day 1 email for a link to join or if you prefer to sit back, relax and be entertained you can watch our OER20 stars at ds106.tv.

Together with the Conference Co-Chairs, Committee and everyone involved we thank you for being a part of the #OER20 Online Conference!