Social Programme

This year’s OER Conference has a packed programme.

Tuesday 31 March – OER: Back to the Fundamentals at the Disruptive Media Lab in Coventry hosted by Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim Hosting in partnership with Coventry University are holding an event for educators on 31 March at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab in Coventry.

To teach on the Web you need to think like the Web. The World Wide Web forms a big part of everyday life as well as work and study. It’s where we share knowledge, form opinions and engage with journalism, politics, education, culture and science. To engage critically with how the Web works, participate fully in day-to-day online activities, and understand how to make sure the Web is an open and participatory space for others, we need to know how it works and have access to the means of web production. This event is running in association with OER20.


Tuesday 31 March – Pre-OER20 GO_GN Mini-Seminar & Get-Together

GO-GN will be hosting a mini-seminar to hear about colleagues research, get feedback on your research/OER20 presentation and contribute to the network’s forthcoming methods work at the seminar. Want to join in? Then head over to EventBrite to find out more and reserve your spot!


Tuesday 31 March – Pre-Conference evening meet up

The pre-conference events start on Tuesday, with an informal meet up for early arrivals at The Fellow Bar & Dining Rooms, Kings Cross. Incorporating a nice pub, cocktail bar, and roof terrace, The Fellow offers great craft beers, cocktails, and delicious food. For more information on the venue and how to get there, visit The Fellow website.


Wednesday 1 April – OER20 Conference social evening

This year ALT will be hosting the OER conference social from 6pm-9pm at Drink, Shop & Do, a venue described as a “whirlwind of arts-and-crafts colour and flair”. We invite all attendees to continue the conversations of the day, and join us for drinks, nibbles, and fun filled activities as well as the launch of Wikimedia UK’s Wikimedia in Education publication. For more information on the venue and how to get there, visit the Drink, Shop & Do website.


Thursday 2 April – Post-Conference social meet up

After the final day of OER20, there will be an informal post-conference meet up, for those who will be staying in the city on the second evening of the conference, and would like to reflect on the conference together after the programme finishes. This will be conveniently held in The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross station. For more information on the venue and for directions, see The Parcel Yard website.