ZEMOS98 is a Spain based non-profit organization that develops mediation processes that activate relationships between activists, artists, academics, foundations and public institutions. Its goal is to value political and cultural processes for social change. This organization works towards a culture of participation that fosters a critical citizenry with mainstream narratives. Their activities have been dedicated to cultural production and social research for more than twenty years.

One of its main lines of works is Pedagogy of Care: an interdisciplinary research project on care economy, collaborative activism and open source democracy. Its main goal is to map out and give visibility to care practices and affection management by activists or other collective social agents. What are the unwritten rules that reproduce patriarchal relationships within certain communities? What kind of available rules and non-formal educational strategies could produce an effective redistribution of care among members? How can we expose the way care is being dealt with? And what tools can we develop to successfully put care in the centre of all of our relationships?