1) Who are you?

I work at Newcastle University where I lead a team of 11 in the Learning Enhancement and Technology Projects Team in the Learning and Teaching Development Service. I like open education, textiles, art, tea and soup.


2) What is your vibe? Share it in a meme or quote…

We are all in this together, though it is rather over used at the moment.

3) What gives you hope these days?

People. Just being people. My postie, the window cleaner, refuse collectors, telecommunications workers, supermarket staff – everyone who is making working from home bearable and comfortable, and who enables communication with loved ones.

4) Who are you learning from lately?

Will Gompertz’ book Think Like An Artist.

5) In your opinion, what should we all be caring about? Why?

We should all be caring for each other by staying at home!

6) What do you hope to take away from OER20?

Increased networks, feeling like the work I do makes a difference. New sewing skills.

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