1) Who are you?

I’m Alan. That was a tough question. I  live in Saskatchewan, Canada and have been working remotely/online since 2006 (pivoted long ago).

I’m an independent  (aka not fully employed) web developer / consultant / teacher / digital media maker / storyteller / photographer / whatever people will pay me for. I’ve been in edtech since long before it was kind of a dirty word, back to the early 1990s. Check out my calling card (a WordPress theme I made) and my good old blog.

I made the theme for this site too, it’s a weird thing called a SPLOT (and am responsible for things that don’t work).


2) What is your vibe? Share it in a meme or quote…

Dogs are best! I love ’em (okay cats are sort of nice too).



3) What gives you hope these days?

The outpouring of sharing, collaboration, that we are all dealing with the same situation. Also seeing so much creativity and quick thinking, plus deep concern for students.


4) Who are you learning from lately?

I’m enjoying expanding the network connections by following and reading new voices those in my current network recommend. It’s a good time to bust our bubbles. I am learning much from my colleagues in Virtually Connecting and from the stories of my students.


5) In your opinion, what should we all be caring about? Why?

We need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, our families. I worry much about how we can maintain care over a longer stretch that lies ahead of us. It’s just the beginning now.

6) What do you hope to take away from OER20?

As always, hope, inspiration, a wee bit of joy.


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