1) Who are you?

Learning design and technology specialist from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).


2) What is your vibe? Share it in a meme or quote…

“The example of the person abiding by God’s order and restrictions in comparison to those who violate them is like the example of those persons who drew lots for their seats in a boat. Some of them got seats in the upper part, and the others in the lower. When the latter needed water, they had to go up to bring water (and that troubled the upper deck passengers), so they said, ‘Let us make a hole in our share of the ship (and get water) so that we do not trouble the upper deck passengers.’ If the people in the upper part left the lower deck passengers to do what they had suggested; then all the people of the ship would be destroyed, but if they had prevented them, then both parties would be safe.”

3) What gives you hope these days?

My faith

4) Who are you learning from lately?

My colleagues at work

5) In your opinion, what should we all be caring about? Why?

We should care about each other!

6) What do you hope to take away from OER20?

Learn whats new in the field

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