1) Who are you?

I am an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Postdigital Cultures at Coventry University. In my research I explore the future of scholarly communications and experimental forms of knowledge production, where my work incorporates processual and performative publishing, radical open access, scholarly poethics, media studies, book history, cultural studies, and critical theory. I explore these issues in depth in my various publications, but also by supporting a variety of scholar-led, not-for-profit publishing projects, including the Radical Open Access Collective, Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed and Post Office Press (POP). I am also a Co-PI on the Community-Led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs (COPIM) project (copim.ac.uk). You can follow my research on openreflections.wordpress.com.

2) What is your vibe? Share it in a meme or quote…

Books! Open please…

3) What gives you hope these days?

The many community-led efforts to open up scholarly books and the infrastructures and workflows that support them to the wider public.

4) Who are you learning from lately?

I am amazed by my colleagues on the COPIM project and how they/we have been able to adapt our workshops to a remote setting (more on this here: https://copim.pubpub.org/pub/online-workshops-what-works). How do you do this exactly, how do you engage people and make sure everyone feels included and able to speak? We are unfortunately all having to learn these things really quickly these days. I am learning more from this conference and community around this too!

5) In your opinion, what should we all be caring about? Why?

Our communities and how we can strengthen these and making sure they are inclusive. Opening up not only our content (open access publications or open educational resources) but also the workflows and infrastructures that support them and making sure they are governed by the community.

6) What do you hope to take away from OER20?

This is a new community for me and I am looking forward to learn from this group of people but also keen to share the experiences from the open access publishing community around openness and care.

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